About Brook Kapukuniahi Parker

A Hawaiian artist and historian, Brook dedicates his energies and talents to bringing to life our ancestors and the beauty of Hawaii through art. His creations are far more than just breathtaking visual displays; they are attached to rich historical background that makes them real and alive as if speaking to us from the past. An intimate knowledge and love of Hawaiian history and genealogical lines allows Brook to visualize and create images of our ancestors, as if he knew them personally.

Hawaiian Feathers Collaboration with Brook Kapukuniahi Parker

Hawaiian Feathers and Brook Kapukuniahi Parker have collaborated on a 14 `Ahu`ula cape project. Based on the historical paintings of Brook, Hawaiian Feathers brings his paintings to life by re-creating all 14 hawaiian capes to reality. I am honored to work together with Brook and invite you to please visit his website by clicking in the links section, clicking on the button below OR by clicking on one of his beautiful masterpieces below.

Brook Kapukuniahi Parker Painting Featured at the Hawaii Convention Center

Brook's latest painting along with a full sized cloak and helmet by Rick San Nicholas will be on permanent display at the Hawaii Convention Center with a installation ceremony on Tuesday September 27th, 5:30 pm. Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods who commissioned the art has received a pledge from the convention center to sponsor 1 million trees!!!! Acrylic on canvas 8' x 6'

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